SID Project


Approximately a billion people worldwide lack basic literacy skills. Whether this is because of poor education or an unsupported learning disability, these people are nonetheless often at risk of being “left behind” by society.

Often the expectation of a certain standard of literacy can lead to alienation and self-esteem issues. If you struggle with Dyslexia, you may have felt this yourself: possibly during your time in school, possibly while in work, or even in your social life.

Lots of people try to get by with Dyslexia, often ignoring or avoiding situations where they may need to read or write accurately. This can be a major barrier for personal development and professional growth.


Many support systems for people with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities exist today. The SID Project is proud to be amongst those fighting to create opportunities for Dyslexic people.

Changing society so that Dyslexia is a manageable difference rather than an impassable barrier would benefit everyone. This change would raise employment numbers, literacy and education standards, as well as the national attitude regarding learning difficulties.

At SID we believe that, through educating people about Dyslexia and offering appropriate support, we can get much closer to achieving this vision of society.

We're here to help you. If you or anyone you know could benefit from SID and the services we provide, contact us or fill in a referral form.