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Dyslexia awareness in the workplace

Our 3-hour Dyslexia awareness workshop will cover what dyslexia means and how it manifests itself, dispelling the myths and demonstrating how your team can actively work to help a member of staff overcome any barriers that their dyslexia causes. Furthermore, the training will outline the implications of dyslexia within the Disability Discrimination Act and offer reasonable adjustments that employers can implement, including assistive technologies and strategy training that can benefit both the client and your business.  Our session includes the demonstration of assistive technology and a chance for participants to try it out for themselves. 

We offer a Dyslexia worked based assessment that is designed to assist in identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses relating directly to the demands of a specific job. Our report is written in plain English and tailors each recommendation to meet a specific barrier to reduce the purchasing of expensive software that may not be used. We also combine our expert knowledge on free assistive technology to ensure cost-effectiveness to the employer. This assessment is concluded with a realistic action plan detailing how the employer can best make 'reasonable adjustments' (as required by the Disability Discrimination Act) thus allowing the employee to reach their potential and ultimately benefiting the employer. This session includes the demonstration of the technology as well as a chance for participants to try the tools out for themselves.  

We offer a 2-hour Assistive Technology Awareness session for up to 10 people, this can be delivered in the workplace or at our center. The session combines raising awareness of Neurodiverse conditions, the barriers people experience and how using assistive technologies can help overcome these. Each session is tailored to the particular industry we visit so that more realistic recommendations can be given to support people in the workplace. A clear understanding will be gained of the barrier someone experiences because of their disability and the effect this can have on them psychologically in the workplace. Then also how each tool can be used to overcome these barriers and the benefits for the employee both in productivity but their emotional well-being. Participants will be given demonstrations of each piece of technology as well as trying them out for themselves.




Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is defined as “equitable, meaningful, and safe access to use, lead, and design of digital technologies, services, and associated opportunities for everyone, everywhere”. The SID Project were awarded a Digital Confidence grant from the National Lottery, allowing us to help promote digital inclusion in Sunderland. SID help support people to gain confidence using a computer and getting online, through Digital Confidence Workshops.


Technical Training

Working with clients on a one-to-one basis in the workplace providing coping strategies training for hidden disabilities as well as assistive technology training. We can provide assistive technology training for Text Help Read & Write, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Claro Read, Spark-Space, Inspiration, and more.




Unemployment support 

We offer a 5-week work program for adults who experience social exclusion and unemployment because of Dyslexia.  Our unique program promotes empowerment by becoming knowledgeable of their disability and their strengths and weaknesses associated with it. Participants learn and use assistive technology to navigate the internet, search, and apply for jobs all along building a new set of skills that will be useful in the workplace. We promote the use of free assistive technology and each participant will leave with a cloud-based set of bespoke tools to meet their needs.  

(Please see Support into employment section) This can be a self-referral or 3rd party referral accessed by telephone or by completing our online referral form.