SID Project


People with dyslexia related barriers find it hard to gain employment. The vicious cycle of not having work, needing work and being unable to apply for work can be mentally draining for many people. This is because being employed is about more than earning money. It’s about feeling valued, independent and fulfilled.

Here at the SID Project, we are committed to breaking this vicious cycle for good. We empower people through the learning of new skills and awareness, enabling a greater understanding of their condition and showing how the application of simple techniques can greatly enhance the chances of gaining employment. We promote and teach pioneering assistive technology and how it can overcome many barriers related to dyslexia. 

We then provide advice and support once in employment through the Government's Access To Work scheme, which supports people with disabilities in the workplace.

Access to work

Access to Work is a publicly funded employment support program that aims to help more disabled people start or stay in work. It can provide practical and financial support if you have a disability or long term physical or mental health condition.

To learn more about the Access to Work scheme, click here.


Course Breakdown:

Combining a 1:1 approach with elements of group work, the Job Club is a 5-session programme designed to remove the barriers people with hidden disabilities face when seeking employment.

The course begins with an individual needs assessment, granting our team a familiarity with each participant so we can best address their specific needs.


Information Gathering & Identifying Needs

  • Discussing the rules and expectations for the programme
  • Completing a screening tool to identify barriers and strengths
  • Identification of the literacy level of participants and their career aspirations before the workshop
  • Support with identifying participants' specific strengths and their work experience prior to their job search

Interview Skills & Mock Interviews

  • Interview checklist
  • Advice and guidance on preparing for interviews
  • Support with techniques to help boost confidence
  • Finding out more about the job and the employer
  • Preparing for the interview questions (via role-play)
  • Offering advice to help reduce stress and anxiety about interviewing
  • Offering practical advice such as getting to the venue and dressing appropriately

Career Exploration & Carrying Out Job Searches

  • Support navigating Universal Job Match
  • Support with identifying personal values and interests
  • Guidance making personal career decisions and carrying out job searches
  • Examining negative and positive personal experiences from previous employment
  • Support and guidance with job searches on-line, through social media and recruitment websites

Assistive Technology Skills

  • Helping our members to become more independent by having access to this technology wherever they are
  • Exploring assistive technology and how it can break the barriers experienced by people who have hidden disabilities
  • Increasing our members' skills and confidence in using technology such as text to speech, speech to text, grammar and spell check

Confidence & Self-esteem Building

  • Guidance on motivation for seeking work
  • Support with recognizing low confidence and low self-esteem
  • Highlighting and investigating the impact this has on personal well-being when job-seeking

Disability Awareness

  • Advice and guidance on disclosing a disability
  • Highlighting dyslexic people's strengths and the barriers they experience
  • Offering coping strategies and resources to overcome barriers both when finding work and when in the workplace

Workplace Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Organisation and time management

C.V. & Form Filling Skills

  • Advice offered for completing application forms
  • Advice and guidance on preparing a strong covering letter and C.V. using assistive technology