SID Project





SID was successfully launched on 4th July 2014 at our office in Pallion in Sunderland. The occasion marked the opening of the project which aims to break down barriers of social exclusion the people of Sunderland face as a result of their dyslexia. It was a chance to get to know what services are already available to support the people of Sunderland and how SID could help them provide a dyslexia friendly service. We were delighted that Julie Elliot MP officially opened the project with members of the community and local organisations in attendance.










Local Councillors, organisations and members of the community had a chance to discuss their experiences of how dyslexia impacts on their lives or the lives of the people they support.







 Representatives from the council, Gentoo, Pallion Action group and Learning Curve came to celebrate our launch and show support for dyslexia awareness.









 James Youngson, a Sunderland artist, shared personal experiences of overcoming the barriers of dyslexia.









As in the North-east of England is the highest in the UK, and the number of long-term unemployed in Sunderland continues to rise. In already difficult circumstances, people with dyslexia in Sunderland face a real struggle. Project coordinator Joanne Youngson shared the aims of SID and the successful stories of one of the people who have already benefited from the support we provide.





If you think yourself, someone you know or your organisation may benefit from the support of SID or you are interested in becoming a volunteer please don’t hesitate to contact us